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The Asian Association of
Management Science and Applications

ACMSA 2013

Best Paper Awards

The Best Paper and Young Scientist Awards of ACMSA2013

  • WenJuan Li, ChenGuang Liu, Jie Lian and Yong Yin: “Framework Development and Operational Measurement of Enabling Technologies for Seru Production”
  • Yuan Tao, Dai Morgan and Steve Evans: “Policy challenges to implement Industrial Symbiosis– Comparing UK and China”
  • Xianda Kong, Jing Sun, Hisashi Yamamoto, Masayuki Matsui: “Optimal Worker Allocation Considering Worker’s Skill on Different Task in Limited-Cycle Multiple Periods”
  • Kanji Takayama, Shunichi Ohmori, Kazuho Yoshimoto: “Simulation Model to Optimize the Supply Chain Configuration for Mitigating Risks with Probability of the Damage Occurring and Production Recovery Process”
  • Jinhui Li, Lixia Zheng, Chao Zhang and Lizhe Duan: “Research on a Regional Strategic Framework to Improve the Implementation of Basel Convention in Asia and the Pacific”
  • Masahiro Arakawa and Takumi Wada: “Algorithm for Process Design in Cell Production Aimed at High Productivity”
  • Wenhui Zhou, Weixiang Huang: “Energy-saving Subsidy for Durable Products”