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ACMSA 2023


The Best Paper Awards of ACMSA2023

Jing Fu (Fukuoka Institute of Technology), Frank Page (London School of Economics and Political Science) and Jean-Pierre Zigrand (London School of Economics and Political Science): “A Building Block of Systemic Risk: Short-term Financial Networks”.

Hisashi Kurata (Yokohama National University): “Effectiveness of Different Pricing Strategies at Reducing the Workload of Home Delivery Services”.

Yanli Huo (China Jiliang University) and Chunhui Xu (Chiba Institute of Technology): “A Method for Forecasting Export Tendency”.

Daisuke Hasegawa (The University of Tokyo) and Naoshi Shiono (Kanagawa Institute of Technology): “Average TSP Tour Length Approximations for Territory Design”.

The Student Best Paper Awards of ACMSA2023

Risako Yamauchi (Nagoya Institute of Technology) and Jing Sun (Nagoya Institute of Technology): “An Integrated Model for Power Demand Forecasting and Power Procurement Using Economic Indicators”.

Aoi Mineta (Fukushima University), Masaki Miura (Fukushima University) and Yoshiyuki Higuchi (Fukushima University): “Application Procedures and Challenges of Reinforcement Learning Using Discrete System Simulation”.

The Student Outstanding Paper Awards of ACMSA2023

Mitsuki Nakano (Waseda University), Kotomichi Matsuno (Waseda University), Takahiro Ohno (Waseda University), Yoshikuni Edakawa (Waseda University) and Takaaki Kawanaka (The University of Tokyo): “Consumer Purchase Intentions for Assorted Sets of Non-Standard Vegetables through E-Commerce”.

Nirmala Liyanaarachchi (Kanagawa University), Shingo Akasaka (Kanagawa University) and Jiahua Weng (Kanagawa University): “Scheduling of Design Engineers in an Engineer-to-Order Production System”.

Xuegui Wang (China Railway First Survey and Design Institute Group Co.,LTD), Yong Yin (Southwest Jiaotong University), Cheng Liang (Southwest Jiaotong University) and Jinqu Chen (Southwest Jiaotong University): “Research on the Layout of Metro Logistics Distribution Center Based on SLP”.

Takuma Gocho (Tokyo University of Science), Kazuya Ito (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies), Ryuta Takashima (Tokyo University of Science) and Makoto Tanaka (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies): “Consumer Preferences and Willingness to Pay for Energy-Efficient Housing”.

Excellent Papers

The Excellent Paper of Special Sessions of ACMSA2023

Masahiro Arakawa (Nagoya Institute of Technology), Won Young Park (Saitama University), Takeshi Abe (Aoyama Hicon), Kazuhiro Tasaki (FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp.) and Kin’ya Tamaki (Aoyama Gakuin University): “Development of Service and Product Design Processes Considering Product Life Cycle Management for a Circular Economy”.

Kirana Horie (Nagoya Institute of Technology), Jing Sun (Nagoya Institute of Technology) and Junpei Marui (Nagoya Institute of Technology): “Optimal Strategies of Electricity Plans Using Latent Class Analysis Considering Renewable Energy”.

Miyu Kotegawa (The University of Electro-Communications), Yuki Kinoshita (Kindai University) and Tetsuo Yamada (The University of Electro-Communications): “Mix and Single Carbon Policy Evaluations for Cost Effectiveness of GHG Reduction in Global Supply Chain Network”.

Wataru Sakurai (Nagoya Institute of Technology) and Koichi Nakade (Nagoya Institute of Technology): “An Optimization Model of a Retailer and a Manufacturer in a Green Supply Chain”.

Zirui Wang (University of Electro-Communications), Lu Jin (University of Electro-Communications) and Wataru Yamamoto (Keio University): “Maintenance Policy for Multi-unit Redundant Systems with Two Types of Opportunities”.

Xin Zhou (Hiroshima University), Keisuke Nagasawa (Hiroshima University), Katsumi  Morikawa (Hiroshima University), Katsuhiko Takahashi (Hiroshima University), and Daisuke Hirotani (Prefectural University of Hiroshima): “An Enhanced Bucket Brigade Order Picking System with a Conveyor”.

The Excellent Paper of Organized Sessions of ACMSA2023

Takashi Hasuike (Waseda University) and Yameng Huang (Waseda University): “Two-step Optimization Method for Multi-objective Crop Planning Problem in Contract Farming System”.

Xiaowen Zhao (Aoyama Gakuin University), Jing Sun (Nagoya Institute of Technology), Hisashi Yamamoto (Tokyo Metropolitan University) and Mitsuyoshi Horikawa (Iwate Prefectural University): “Applied Research on Workers Assignment Optimization using the InQross System”.

The Excellent Paper of Industry-Academy Collaboration Forum of ACMSA2023

Yineng Lv (Southwest Jiaotong University), Qunzhi Wang (Southwest Jiaotong University), Yue Bai (Keio University) and Bin Zheng (Southwest Jiaotong University): “Research on Utilizing Urban Rail Transit in the Fresh E-Commerce Front Warehouse Model”.

Rune Noguchi (Sophia University), Takashi Irohara (Sophia University), Takashi Tanaka (Toshiba Corporation) and Naomi Sugiyama (Toshiba Corporation): “Application of Tabu-search-based Method to Order Batching and Routing Problems in Logistics Warehouses”.

Masaki Sano (Waseda University), Yoshitaka Tanimizu (Waseda University), Kotomichi Matsuno (Waseda University) and Ruriko Watanabe (Waseda University): “Delay Risk Assessment for Job Shop Scheduling Considering Uncertain Processing Times”.

The Outstanding Contribution Awards of AAMSA in 2023

LI, Mingzhe (Fukuoka University)