2013 Asian Conference of Management Science and Applications (ACMSA2013)

December 21-23, 2013, Kunming, Yunnan, China

Organized by: Asian Association of Management and Applications  (AAMSA)
Hosted by: Kunming University of  Science and Technology (China)
Supported by: EPSRC, Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Industrial Sustainability, University of Cambridge

The 2013 Asian Conference of Management Science and Applications (ACMSA2013) is to provide a forum for exchanging the latest research results related to management science and its applications among researchers and practitioners within and beyond the Asian region. All papers related to theoretical developments and applications of management science are welcome. ACMSA2013 consists of three sections: general sessions and two topic-focused workshops.

The two topic-focused workshops are as follows.

  1. Sustainable Development & Industrial Sustainability (SD/IS) Workshop
  2. Lean, Cellular Manufacturing & Seru Production (CM/SP) Workshop

SD/IS-workshop will bring the recent advances in all research directions (e.g., economic, ecological, political and  cultural sustainability). CM/SP-workshop will highlight the similarities and differences between seru with machining and assembly cell. The workshops will also bring researchers and practitioners together to obtain synergy between scientific developments and empirical experiences and needs.

Abstracts or full paper submitted to the conference will be reviewed but only full paper submissions will be considered for post publications. However,  authors can submit an abstract only and make a presentation in the conference. All submissions will be included in the conference proceedings (CD-ROM) on the authors’ request. Submissions will be taken with an online submission system. Selected papers will be published on the official journal of AAMSA (Asian Journal of Management Science & Applications), Innovation and  Supply Chain Management (ISCM), and  INFORMATION:  an international interdisciplinary journal.  We also recommend papers to International  Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control (IJICIC),  EI-indexed.