International Workshop on Cellular Manufacturing/Seru (CM/SERU 2016)

September 2-4, 2016
Athens, Ohio, USA

Organized by:
  Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, USA
  Asian Association of Management Science & Applications (AAMSA)

Sponsored by:
  Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, USA
  Dongbei University of Finance and Economics (DUFE), China

Workshop Chairs:
  Gursel A. SUER (USA), Ikou KAKU (Japan), Jiafu TANG (China)

As one of the core concepts and tools of lean production, cellular manufacturing (CM) has been widely researched more than 50 years. Many manufacturing companies have applied CM concepts. Cells can be mainly classified as manufacturing cells and labor intensive cells. A manufacturing cell typically consists of distinct machines and operators running a product family. On the hand, a labor intensive cell deals with manual tasks and requires simple tools, machines and equipment. Labor intensive cells could perform two types of tasks; manufacturing and assembly. On the other hand, most manufacturing companies will also contain assembly lines where all the components, parts and subassemblies are put together to finalize the products. Recently, some big Asian manufacturing companies like Sony, Canon, Panasonic, and Samsung have dismantled assembly conveyor lines and adopted Seru, to respond their customer requirements in a volatile market efficiently and effectively. In these companies, assembly lines are being converted into Serus. The objective of this workshop is to provide a forum for exchanging the latest developments in the field of CM/Seru. Several presentations and panel discussions will be organized to highlight the similarities and differences between Seru vs. manufacturing cells, labor intensive cells, assembly cells and assembly lines. It will also bring interested hands-on researchers and practitioners together to share empirical experiences, discuss findings and identify needs.

Warm Memories: