Program Overview (Dec. 23, 2017)

ACMSA 2017 Program Overview

Monday, 25 December 2017
12:00 – 18:00   Registration Desk
Tuesday, 26 December 2017
8:00-8:25   Opening Ceremony
8:25-8:40   Group Photo

8:45-9:25 Keynote Speech 1:  Social Systems Analysis and Operations Research
 Prof.   Tatsuo Oyama (President of The Operations Research Society of Japan, Japan)     

9:25-10:10 Keynote speech 2: Likelihood Inference and Evidence-Based Decision Making with Big Data and Human Judgments
Professor Jian-Bo Yang (Chair of Decision and System Sciences, Manchester Business School (MBS) of The University of Manchester, UK)
10:10-10:25   Break
10:25-11:00 Keynote speech 3: Intelligent Finance in the Era of Big Data
    Prof. Zhangxi LIN (The Rawls College of Business Administration, Center for Advanced Analytics Business Intelligence, at Texas Tech University, USA)
11:00-11:35 Keynote speech 4: Transaction -Specific Investments, Relational Norms and ERP Customer Satisfaction: A Mediation Analysis
    Prof. Fujun LAI (College of Business at the University of Southern Mississippi (USM), USA)
11:35-12:10 Keynote speech 5: A perceived reliability-based customer satisfaction model in self-service technology
    Prof. Hongyi XU (School of Management at the Wuhan University of Technology, China)
12:10-14:00   Lunch
14:00-15:30   Workshop, Parallel Session 1
15:30-15:45   Break
15:45-17:30   Workshop, Parallel Session 2
18:00-20:00   Best Paper Award & Reception
Wednesday, 27   December 2017
8:30-10:00   Workshop, Parallel Session 3
10:00-10:15   Break
10:15-12:00   Workshop, Parallel Session 4
12:00-14:00   Lunch
14:00-15:30   Workshop, Parallel Session 5
15:30-15:45   Break
15:45-17:30   Workshop, Parallel Session 6
18:00-20:00   Dinner
Thursday, 28   December 2017
9:00-17:00   Closing ceremony, social activity (One-day tour in Fuzhou city) 
13:00-17:00   Meeting of Program Committee
Friday, 29   December 2017
8:00-18:00   Optional tour (visiting of "Earth Towers of the Hakkas)
9:00-12:00   Board Meeting of Asian Association of Management Science and Applications (AAMSA)
13:00-17:00   Editorial board meeting of Asian Journal of Management Science and Applications (AJMSA)