2015 Asian Conference of Management Science & Applications (ACMSA2015)

The Student Best Paper Awards of  ACMSA2017

  • YANG Tianxiang: "Transfer Learning Based on Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis for Analyzing Purchase Behavior Considering Customers’ Membership Stages", Wasoeda University, Japan.
  • SUNAKAWA Masanobu: "Modeling Visual Palatability of Box-Lunches Based on Outward Appearance Impressions", Fukushima University, Japan.

The Best Paper Awards of ACMSA2017

  • JALIL Abdul, RYOKE, Mina: "A Comparative Analysis of Factors Affecting the Users’ Behavior to Disclose Information on Social Networking Site Facebook: Bangladesh, Japan and Malaysia", University of Tsukuba, Japan.

The Best Paper Awards for Workshop of ACMSA2017

  • NAKADE Koichi, TSUCHIYA Shizuru: "An Approximate Optimization Algorithm in a Two-Stage Production and Inventory System with Advance Demand", Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan.
  • TAIRA Yusuke, MATSUURA Haruki, ASADA Akiko, HIRANO Kenji: "The Effect of an Exclusive-use Line
    on Line Length in a Mixed-model Line", Kanazawa University, Japan.

The Outstanding Contribution Awards of AAMSA in 2017

  • KAKU, Ikou (Tokyou City University, Japan)
  • XU, Chunhui (Chiba Institute of Technology, Japan)