What is the CAMSJ

CAMSJ is the former organization of AAMSA.

Chinese Association of Management Science in Japan (CAMSJ) was established on January 10, 2004. The aim of CAMSJ is to promote the exchange of research ideas in the field of management science and application among researchers and engineers in universities and industries of Japan and China, and to seek opportunities for collaboration among the members.

CAMSJ consists of two kind of members:

  • Native chinese researchers and engineers in Japan.
  • Researchers and engineers in China who studied or worked in Japan


Activities of CAMSJ

Specific activities are as follows:

  • Co-organizing the official conference of Association of Management Science and Application (ACMSA) for every two years.
  • Organizing a international workshop on some special topics on demand.
  • Promoting the exchange of ideas or information among universities and industries of Japan and China.